The stars of the hotels

5 stars
Normally, hotels are differentiated by five classifications. One star is the lowest rank and five is the highest. Surely once we have all reviewed the stars of a hotel, right? The problem is that, with so many hotel websites, we can find different classifications for the same hotel. When this happens to you it is better that you look directly at the official website of that hotel. Take note of the characteristics that hotels can have according to their stars :

– 1 star
A single star for a hotel indicates a minimal quality of maintenance, cleanliness, furnishings, and other services. The rooms are very basic and functional. The staff members are more informal and the food services they normally provide in a common eating area.

– 2 stars
It will offer a wider range of services than just one. The rooms will be larger and the services will be of a better quality. They usually have a restaurant that is in operation to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The range of food will be much more varied.

– 3 star
Special care is taken in maintaining cleanliness, equipment, hospitality, etc. The decor is much better, as is the food services they offer. Staff members often wear uniforms.

– 4 stars
The quality of all services is already much higher. More services are made available to the client and the rooms are larger. Many rooms have a hydromassage shower or bathtub. Staff members will be neatly dressed in uniforms and provide much more personalized service.

– 5 stars
They are directly the synonym of luxury. The furniture and interior design will be very varied. The services offered will be of high quality. The rooms are more spacious.