The three most beautiful cities in Corsica

Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean . It is a destination with many charms both on the beach and in the mountains. But there are also different towns and enclaves that make up an excellent destination to enjoy the beauty of this island. Here we propose the three most beautiful ones .


The first stop that should be made in Corsica is in Ajaccio, known as the "Imperial City" or also called "Coral City". This is where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, being a place where you can see various references to him such as his court and the equestrian statue in which both Napoleon and his four brothers appear.

The visit to this site should also take us to the Palace of Justice and the Austerlitz square, about which it is said that Napoleon dreamed of conquests, glory and historical figures.


Calvi and its bay cannot be missed on the tour. It is worth visiting its citadel because from there you get one of the best views of the part of the old city. Within it, a must-see are several buildings such as the Saint-Antoine oratory and the Palace of the Genoese governors.

The tour takes us into the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, where you have to look at its Black Christ of Miracles, and the Torre de Sal . If you have more time in this area, a good excursion is to go to see the ancient villages of Balagne . It is an area that is known as the garden of Corsica for the landscape of its fertile hills.


Bonifacio is another of the jewels of Corsica. It is known as the city of cliffs and, the truth is, there is no lack of reason because the houses are perched 60 meters above the sea . Inside, there is a whole network of alleys and paths. If you are in shape, you can climb the King’s Staircase, which has 187 steps. Of course, there is a reward when you get to the top: the views are impressive.