The video that will awaken your desire to travel to the most authentic Scotland

Those of you who read me regularly already know that I am a Scottish lover. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, at least from my point of view. It is not that I have traveled to more than 100 countries and can say it with much knowledge of the facts, but I know very well that what I experienced there is not easily experienced anywhere.

Scotland is synonymous with nature. It is true that its most important cities are well worth a visit (the same can be said of its towns ), but what really catches you is the beauty that is hidden in its greener landscapes, which although they are distributed far and wide of the country, they make special sense when we travel to the Highlands of Scotland (Highlands) and the Isle of Skye.

Mountains and lakes everywhere

In the one-week route through Scotland that I shared on Vuela Viajes, I already commented that the experience had been spectacular, especially in the last few days, which is when I had the opportunity to set foot in the Highlands and look out over the Isle of Skye.

We rented a car and we were amazed at the landscapes we could see from the road. We were surrounded by green mountains and lakes as if it were the most normal thing in the world. We wanted to stop continuously to take photos, but since we wanted to see the most beautiful castles in Scotland we had to settle for taking the camera less than we would have liked.

Scotland seen from a drone

Who did take out the camera on numerous occasions, or rather the drone, is the photographer Stefan Zimmermann. The video that was uploaded to YouTube in August 2018 accumulates more than a million and a half views to this day, and the truth is that it does not surprise me. It shows a bird’s eye view of incredible landscapes in 4K. We can see the Eilean Donan Castle, Glenfinnan and the famous train track that we have seen so many times in ‘Harry Potter’, the purity of the Isle of Skye … It is a compilation of recordings that I recommend you to see, especially if you have doubts about whether Scotland is worth a trip or not. Edinburgh is very good, but it is a sin to miss the most unspoilt areas of Scotland.

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