Travel to Hanoi

Tourism in Asia is growing a lot in recent years, and when until recently a large part of tourists visited more popular countries such as China, Japan or India, currently there are other places that are also very striking and that each year increase the number of tourists. One of these countries is Vietnam , and you can also find a lot of great deals for your vacation.

From all over the country, Hanoi, its capital and also a very charming city that is a mixture of colonial environments with Asian classics, is especially striking, which makes it look really cool. Here are a few places of interest in Hanoi so you can organize your trip:

Old Quarter : It is north of Han Kiem Lake and there are a lot of streets where you can see artisans working in various workshops where you can buy the most typical products and handicrafts of the city. In this area there are also a lot of shops of many things such as fabrics, jewelry, porcelain, wood or medicinal herbs.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum : It is located in the historic Ba Dinh Square and houses the rest of Ho Chi Minh in an impressive coffin that is made of glass. To visit it you have to wear moderately decent clothes and with a very respectful attitude at all times since if you don’t you could have problems with the authorities.

Ho Chi Minh Museum : It is also in Ba Dinh Square and it is the place where tribute is paid to a man who was so important in the history of the country as the first president of the Republic of Vietnam. There you will see a lot of memories and objects that belonged to him or that had some special significance during his tenure.

One Pillar Pagoda: It is one of the most spectacular places in the city, a temple of literature that is ideal if you are a lover of this art but even if you are not, it is totally recommended that you visit it.