Travel to taiwan

Taiwan is one of the least known tourist destinations in Asia, but in recent years it is gaining a lot of ground thanks to the fact that it is re-emerging as an industrial and economic power that also has many natural , historical and cultural attractions .

In addition, Taiwanese cuisine is totally spectacular and delicious, so if you are going to travel to this island it will undoubtedly be worth it for all the factors that you will encounter along the way. Here is some useful information if you are going to travel to Taiwan :

– It is one of the few places where you can find the oldest cultural and religious practices being carried out normally, something that contrasts greatly with such a modern landscape and that is precisely one of its great attractions since watching how someone practices an ancient tradition and suddenly turn around and see the paradise of modernity is very shocking but for the better.
– Among the many modernities you can find state-of-the-art buildings, Taipei 101 (which is the tallest building in the world) or the new high-speed train that connects two of the island’s large cities. In many areas of the city the small constructions that have been there for centuries and that are where the people most deeply rooted in the city live, leaving the modernities for those who come from outside.

– Walking along the coast of Taiwan you find a spectacular paradise, one of the most beautiful tropical island in the world and framed in a practically unrivaled landscape with a lot of high mountains and a lot of green. In addition, along the coast you will find a lot of bars and restaurants where you can taste the wonderful island cuisine.