Travel to the French West Indies

In the Caribbean area of the Antilles there are a lot of islands where you can enjoy a good vacation. A few of those islands belong to France and are known as the French West Indies. They are an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation enjoying the good weather and the beach and combining it with the adventure of water activities such as diving or snorkeling.

It is also a good option to rent a boat to be able to navigate between the different islands and be able to enjoy a spectacular and paradisiacal natural landscape, like almost all the ones you find in the Caribbean. Take note of the main islands of the French Antilles :

Guadeloupe : It is a small archipelago that has several islands (Basse-Terre, La Desirade, Grande-Terre, Petite Terre, Les Saintes and Marie-Galante. Many of them are almost virgin and there are not many constructions, so they are perfect for rest and to get away from the madding crowd.

Martinique : It is one of the best known and belongs to the group of the so-called Windward Islands. It is a very mountainous island with volcanic origin, so you can appreciate an incomparable landscape if you like to enjoy the mountains.

Saint Martin : Before it belonged to the territory of Guadeloupe but in 2007 it became a separate department. It is north of one of the Netherlands Antilles and it bears the same name.

San Bartolomé : It is popularly known as St. Barth (abbreviation in both English and French). It has an area of ​​21 square kilometers and is one of the most populated with more than 8,000 inhabitants. Here you find a more lively nightlife and entertainment than almost all the others, with many bars, shops and restaurants.