What to see in Brasilia

Brasilia is a modern and beautiful city that is the capital of Brazil and is also the only one of the cities built in the 20th century that is a World Heritage Site . In fact, it is not even 100 years old since its construction began in 1956 and it progressed so quickly that in a short time it became the country’s capital. It currently has two and a half million inhabitants and it is a wonderful city to visit at any time of the year since its average temperature is 20ºC.

In Brasilia you have many places of interest, many of them the most modern and functional. In the Cultural Complex of the Republic you will be able to see the National Library of Brasilia and the National Museum of the Republic, a spectacular place with 14,000 m2 and where there are two auditoriums, a laboratory and many exhibitions of different themes. This Complex is in the Monumental Axis , which is what the downtown area of ​​the city is called and where the most important monuments and the buildings of the government and the city authorities are also located.

As for the monuments themselves, the ones most often visited by tourists are the Plaza de los Tres Poderes , the Cathedral of Brasilia, the Planalto Palace (where the Brazilian president works), the National Congress, the Alvorada Palace ( where the president lives) and Lake Paranoá, a spectacular artificial lake that was built to increase the region’s water reserves and which also has a marina and special areas for wakeboarding and windsurfing.

Brasilia airport is the most important in the whole country and has so much traffic that practically all planes have to queue to be able to land or take off. From here are famous athletes such as Kaká (Real Madrid footballer) or Nelson Piquet (Formula 1 driver).