What to see in San Lorenzo, Paraguay

San Lorenzo is the third city with the largest number of inhabitants in Paraguay, and is also one of the main tourist destinations in the country. Tourists who come to this city do so mainly looking for culture and history, and there are also places to relax, although this is usually done in other cities more designed for vacation breaks.

Paraguay is one of the countries in which more cultural tourism can be found in the South American area, a country in which there is a great variety of very interesting towns and cities. As for San Lorenzo, it is one of the richest historically and culturally , a city reminiscent of the Spanish Toledo. It is also known as "San Lorenzo del Campo Grande".

Places of interest

One of the must-see places is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo , which receives pilgrims from all over the world and especially from the country itself. It is a neo-Gothic cathedral with spectacular architecture that gives a very interesting touch to the area. Its interior is impressive, highlighting its floor, the curves of the arches and various religious paintings. Even if religion or religious tourism are not your thing, you should definitely dedicate a couple of hours to this cathedral.

The University Village is also very interesting, which more than a tourist place is an area with a lot of youth in which there are many places of leisure. The Supreme Court of Justice , a place that is also known as Capilla del Monte, is another of the places that you cannot miss. Finally, among the essential visits is the Guido Boggiani Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum , where you will discover all the native culture of the place, as well as archaeological remains of great value.