What to see on a weekend in Bruges

Just 100 kilometers away from Brussels , the capital of Belgium, is Bruges. Nicknamed "the Venice of the North," this charming medieval city is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway at any time of the year. Its historic center full of romantic canals, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), embodies the most prosperous times of the Flanders region, while its cobbled and narrow streets invite travelers to get lost in them while discovering corners full of charm. Surrounded by sections of its old wall, Bruges hides great architectural and monumental treasures that are worth visiting at least once in your life, since it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium .

Grote Markt

Grote Market square, or Plaza Mayor, is the true heart of Bruges . A meeting point for the inhabitants of the city that hosts a market every Wednesday, where you can find everything from food to household stickers . The square is surrounded by medieval buildings with picturesque colored facades and gabled roofs, such as the Belfort, a 13th-century bell tower that has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1999, or the Neo-Gothic Provincial Palace, former seat of the government of the West Flanders province. In the center of the square there is a sculpture of Jan Breydel and Pieter De Coninck carrying a flag and a sword, in honor of the leaders of the insurrection who fought against the French in 1302 for the freedom and independence of Bruges and Flanders.

Burg Square

From Gote Market square, through Breidel street, you reach Burg square, another of the busiest places in Bruges. In it are emblematic buildings such as the City Hall or Stadhuis, considered one of the oldest in Europe, the Basilica of the Holy Blood (it houses a venerated relic of the blood of Christ) or the Palace of Justice. Buildings that represent a true journey back in time through more than a thousand years of architecture.

Dock of the Rosary

The Muelle del Rosario is one of the most beautiful and photographed places in all of Bruges. On its waters the classic facades of medieval stone buildings are reflected, with their red, gray and white colors. An idyllic place taken from a fairy tale from where most of the excursions that run through the city’s canals depart. Boat trips are a different way of touring the city, getting a different vision of the charms of the Belgian city.


Minnewater Park

Minnewater Park, also known as the Lake of Love , is the old medieval port of Bruges. This place, located south of the historic center, is considered one of the most romantic in the city, since the picture of the beautiful lake full of swans looks like something out of a movie. During the tour of the park, travelers will also be able to see places of great beauty, such as the Château de la Faille or an old neo-Gothic hospital.


Near the Minnewater Park is the Beginjhof or Beguinage of Bruges, one of the 13 beguinage that remain in Belgium and has the mention of World Heritage by UNESCO . This convent was founded by Margaret of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders, in 1245 so that women who had suffered the consequences of wars could have a decent home. A charming place characterized by its white facades that acted like a small town within Bruges.