Beaches of El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María in Cádiz is one of the cities with the longest tourist tradition in the province of Cadiz. Known as the "city of a hundred palaces" due to the large number of these buildings that were built since the 16th century, it is also known for its beaches , which are a great attraction for thousands of tourists.

Up to 16 kilometers of beach can be counted in El Puerto de Santa María , beaches with fine sand that the sea bathes with warm temperatures. Among the beaches found in El Puerto, there are something for all tastes. There are those that show its wildest state, such as El Levante Beach, which is more than four kilometers long, and is located in the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park ; the beaches that border the city, which are the quietest and the favorites of families, such as Playa de la Puntilla with fine golden sand.

In the west, the beauty of the Santa Catalina beach stands out, which at three kilometers in length is one of the most visited by tourists. With about two kilometers in length, wide, and of fine sand, it is presented what is considered the most popular beach in El Puerto de Santa María due to its high level of urbanization and the services it offers to tourists, Playa de Valdelagrana.

This beach is ideal for windsurfers , because the calm of its waters, and the constant wind, constitute an idyllic marriage resulting in strong waves .