British beaches

They are often spacious and spectacular. Its sand is fine and the facilities and security measures that you can find there are quite good. The only problems : cold water (September is the best time to find the waters a little warmer), occasional pollution, and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Walking has become one of the most practiced sports on the coast of Great Britain. You can find picturesque and charming trails even if it is drizzling all day. Here is a small list of some of the most important beaches:

– Dorset
It is, without a doubt, the most impressive beach in the country. This beach has won different awards for its cleanliness and for the microclimates that are part of it.

– East Sussex
Brighton beach cannot be described as one of the best for swimming in its interior, but it is very spectacular due to the great walks that can be done there. It has an easy access from London thanks to the railway connection that was made in 1841.

– Kent
The beach is located in the small tourist town of Broadstairs, exactly 78 kilometers from London. The beach is in traditional British style but during the summer, marching bands and fireworks bring the place back to life.

– Northumberland
It is not exactly a great beach in terms of weather or facilities. What stands out from it is the great castle that presides over the area. You can take long walks to discover great medieval ruins.