Bulnes, a village to enjoy a natural environment alien to the passage of time

Bulnes , is part of the council of Cabrales, in Asturias . It is a village that is an ideal destination to escape and put aside worries to enjoy an environment like those of yesteryear surrounded by nature . A place where it seems that time has stopped and that gives off the tranquility and peace that its natural landscapes give it, which are also ideal for hiking or mountaineering.

An emblematic place

Bulnes is perhaps the most remote village in Spain. Located in the Picos de Europa , this town is also one of the most emblematic of this environment. And it is that civilization has not reached it. And it’s not a joke. It is one of the few places where, nowadays, there is no road access .

And how do you get there? There is no choice but to do it through a high mountain channel or make use of the so called ‘ rack railway ‘. These accesses allow you to reach 1,000 meters of altitude in an unparalleled setting, since you are surrounded by peaks.

It is a “ fictitious border ” that mountaineers and climbers of the Picos usually cross , but also people who have lived in this area to survive in this natural environment. And, of course, tourists too.

This should not be scary because Bulnes is in the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa, but it also has an uptown neighborhood with panoramic views and some very beautiful stone houses .

Bulnes, where you can enjoy Cabrales cheese , has a striking structure because it is made up of small cobbled streets that are ideal for taking a leisurely stroll while observing the landscape and hearing the song of a bird or the flow of water . Despite having the charm of the villages of yesteryear, Bulnes has bars and restaurants, apart from being possible to stay in it.

The train

And, of course, you have to take the Bulnes funicular or ‘cog-train’, which dates back to the beginning of the 21st century. In seven minutes , it takes you from Puente Poncebos to practically the village, since you then have to walk along a path of great beauty for about five minutes to reach the first houses.