Buy cheap clothes in Rome

Buy cheap in Rome
One of the European destinations that receives the most visitors every year is Rome , and the Italian capital has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. There is no doubt that the historical remains and the gastronomy are the great attractions of this city, but there are also many others that will make your trip much more special.

Whenever we go on a trip to a city we like to allocate a part of the budget to shopping , not only to bring us some souvenirs but also to take advantage and find a bargain of anything. Although Rome is a somewhat expensive city, the truth is that there are many places where you can find all kinds of things at a very good price. In the center of the city you can find a lot of markets where you can get a little of everything. If you want to get clothes at a good price (second hand), take note of the best places to do it:

L’Usato : It is in Piazza Campo dei Fiori (at number 14). It is specialized in having jeans from famous American brands such as Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler.

Seconda Mano : It is on via del Goberno Vecchio (number 85) and there you can find the highest quality second-hand clothes in the whole city. All kinds of garments of all kinds of brands and always in very good condition.

Abiti Usati : It is on the same street as the previous one but at number 85 and is considered the queen par excellence of all second-hand shops in Rome thanks to the wide variety of clothes and styles that you can find. There you can get up to 60’s clothes.

Mado : Also on the same street as the previous two, in this case at number 89th. The perfect place if you like the fashion of the 30s as you will find clothes and accessories from that time.

Discount Alta Moda : It is located in Via Gesú e Maria (number 16) and in it, as its name says, you can find Haute Couture firms at very good prices. As if it were an outlet, here you can take a Gucci or Chanel bag at a price that you would never get in a store.