Knowing Siena

Italy is a beautiful country located on the Mediterranean coast, rich in cultural traditions. Famous for its magnificent art and architecture reminiscent of the splendid Renaissance, Italy has much more to offer tourists. Siena is one of the Italian cities with a great deal of historical significance.

We are going to learn more about this little-known city , through these data that we offer you today. Siena has witnessed the rise and fall of the Etruscan civilization. Little by little it became the city of Sena Julia during the Roman period. His enemy: Florence . The neighboring city was its great rival and Siena grew, especially politically, when at the Battle of Montaperti Florence was defeated.
In the 14th century, the city was the victim of a great economic crisis . Not only that: almost four-fifths of the population perished during a plague outbreak. This took place in 1348. As you may have already guessed, it is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Due to how small and winding its streets are , private vehicles are not allowed in the center, so be prepared for long walks if you decide to visit.

The good thing is that it is built on three hills. Italian or a Tuscan dialect is spoken. It is divided into districts which are characterized by their great rivalry. In total, there are 17 districts. The main tourist attractions are: Siena Cathedral, Piccolomini Library, National Art Gallery and Piazza del Campo . In Siena you can find the second tallest tower in Italy, the Torre del Mangia.