On vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A few years ago I worked on a cruise ship that had its home port in Mobile (Alabama) and that on each trip visited various destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. One of them was Playa del Carmen , a spectacular place that is in the middle of the Riviera Maya, specifically south of Cancun. Playa del Carmen is a small city with a huge mix of cultures, visited by tourists from all over the world, attracted mainly by its beaches, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Fifth Avenue is the main area of ​​the city and in it you can find a lot of shops and restaurants of all kinds. The gastronomy of the area is delicious, as is all Mexican cuisine, although with influences from other cuisines such as French, Asian, Italian or German. You will find many bargains and local products of all kinds, in addition to the fact that its people are very friendly and always strive to satisfy all tourists.

But without a doubt the most remarkable thing are its beaches, a true paradise for lovers of the sea and where you will find fine white sand and totally crystalline waters. In them you can relax in the sun to rest or also practice various activities such as diving, snorkeling or windsurfing . In addition, nearby you also have areas for horse riding and places to learn to do yoga or dance salsa.

Playa del Carmen is a very complete destination where you can find everything you need to enjoy a vacation, being also very close to other places of great interest such as Cancun , Calica or Xelha Park (a theme park in which the jungle Mix with a lake and you can swim among fish and dolphins).