Christmas and New Year’s Eve destinations to enjoy with the family

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are dates when many people tend to travel and make getaways. When you have children , you put this custom aside a little to pass them on at home. However, there is no reason to give up spending a few days out with the little ones and enjoying the Christmas holidays that, this time, are lived in a different way. The key is to choose destinations that children will enjoy in a big way. The possibilities are numerous, but here we are going to propose some for the most travelers and adventurers.


What would Christmas be without Santa Claus ! Well, going home is possible. You just have to set your course for Lapland . A destination that, in recent years, has become fashionable and is already becoming a classic at this time.

Many are the agencies that operate this destination that, in general, can be visited throughout the month of December and the beginning of January . In general, it is offered to go to know the house of Santa Claus and some more adventures and activities for children.

But, in addition, it is possible to enjoy and live other experiences such as observing the northern lights that are unique. Other possible activities that are very fun and to practice as a family are snowmobiling , cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and, of course, riding reindeer sleds or huskies.

Lapland is a place that becomes magical on these dates and that will make the children spend a more than unforgettable vacation. A fun that is also guaranteed for the elderly.


Another dream destination for these dates and in which children will enjoy in a big way is Eurodisney in Paris or Disneyland in Orlando, in the United States. Either one is good options. Everything will depend on the days available to travel and stay and the money that is available for these vacations.

On these dates, both parks dress up for Christmas, making it possible to visit their Christmas market and enjoy seasonal attractions and concerts . In addition, there are also festive menus that provide a differential touch for these dates.

Among the attractions that children like the most is the Disney Christmas Parade , which is more magical than any other organized in these parks. And all this, of course, accompanied by the main Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, who is accompanied by Minnie, as well as Donald, Woody or Buzz Lightyear, among others.


And, for this Christmas, there is yet another destination. It is about traveling to Poitiers , in France, to go to the Futuroscope amusement park, which also dresses up for Christmas these days to offer different experiences.

Not to be missed is the Christmas lighting , which is quite spectacular, as well as the temporary appearance of a small Christmas village in which there are gift shops, trees, lots of sweets and a Santa’s sleigh.

Everything is accompanied by shows of illusionism and magic , as well as the projection of several films related to Christmas or snow, which are broadcast in 3D. And there will be no shortage of gastronomic tastings through a reveillon or long meal on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve to enjoy the main typical dishes of this date.

These are some of the destinations with which children – and not so children – will enjoy a few days of dream and happiness . You just have to think about which one you choose to start packing your bags and heading to magical areas.