Curiosities of India

India is located in the southern part of the Asian continent, and it is the seventh largest country in the world. Its population of 1.22 billion people is second only to China, its immediate neighbor in the northeast, making it the largest democracy in the world. It borders Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea.

– The name of India derives from the Indus River.

– India is the seventh largest country on the planet.

– This country has the largest and oldest civilization in the world.

– Despite its immensity, it is reduced to a single time zone : Time Indian Standard (IST).

– India invented the number system. The scientist Aryabhatta invented the number "zero." The study of algebra and trigonometry originated in India. In the sixth century, the Indian mathematician Budhayana was the first to calculate the value of "pi", and also to explain the concept of the Pythagorean theorem. Even before Jesus Christ, the "place value system" and the decimal system were used in India.

– The largest number of post offices in the world are in India.

– The first fingerprint office on the planet was held in Calcutta in 1897.

– The highest passable road in the world is in Khardung, in Ladakh. It is located at an altitude of 5,682 meters.

– The rainiest area in the world in a month is in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. It was in July 1861, when 9,300 mm of rain fell in one month.

– The largest number of films in the world are made in India. More than 1,000 each year.