Umaid Bhavan’s palace in India

The palaces are spectacular places that are undoubtedly worth visiting anywhere in the world, thus being able to know much better the history of the country in which they are. Some are still used to house royal or aristocratic families, while others function solely as museums or even as hotels. Today I would like to write about Umaid Bhavan’s palace , which is in India .

It is in the city of Jodhpur and was built between 1929 and 1943 by order of the Maharaja Umaid Singh, although the total works did not finish until well into the 80s. A majestic palace that stands out for its size, occupying almost two hectares. It has 347 rooms, which are used to accommodate the royal family of Jodhpur, currently the Maharajah Gaj Singh.

Its architecture

The palace was designed by architect Henry Vaughan Lanchester , who designed the plans together with Budhmal Rai, an Indian architect. This mix of architects with different styles gave rise to a palace with a peculiar but beautiful architectural mix. The dome is 32 meters high and is in Rajasthan style, as are the towers and almost all general structures. The grounds of the Umaid Bhavan Palace are even more spectacular than the palace itself as it covers 10.5 hectares. Large gardens with a lot of color make the surroundings of the palace an incredible place.


Hotel and museum

Today, the palace is divided into three parts, one of them being a luxurious hotel of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces chain. Another part is a museum where you can see familiar objects from the Maharajas that have passed through the palace. Finally, the other floor houses the royal family and is the only one that does not have any access to the public.