Eating on the street in Beijing

Beijing is a lively, vibrant city, home to a rich food culture brimming with surprising local dishes. There, eating in the street is a popular custom deeply rooted among the inhabitants of the Chinese capital. In fact, in any avenue, street or alley you can find stalls of all kinds of food that you can imagine.

And is that eating on the street in Beijing has absolutely nothing to do with junk food. It can be fast food, yes, but of quality. In fact, in some of the many stalls that crowd the city, you can taste authentic delicacies and exotic dishes.

Markets with a lot to offer

Chinese specialties
In Beijing it is a custom, and therefore one of the activities that you cannot miss if you travel to China, visiting the night markets for street food. These are places full of color, of flavors to discover. The aromas of both products are mixed in an amalgam of sensations that is really interesting and intense.

To begin with, I would like to tell you about Wangfujing Snack Street , a food stall market that is more than 700 years old. It is a very authentic, very colorful and special place. Its alleys are decorated with lanterns and colored lights and all kinds of exotic food is sold there, including bats, scorpions and any weirdo. Keep in mind that in Beijing you can savor between 200 and 300 varieties of local dishes and snacks.

Another interesting option if you want to taste Chinese cuisine is the Donghuamen night market, where thousands of very diverse food stalls gather. It receives a large number of tourists, eager to try the delights of Beijing gastronomy . As in Wangfujing Snack Street, there is everything: insects, meat and fish, noodles prepared in a thousand different ways …