Things to do in Beijing

Beijing , the capital of China, is also known as Peking. The mix of its history and modern development make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. The best time to visit Beijing is between September and November. Today we are talking about some interesting things that you should do when you are in the capital .

Instead of getting in a car to do all the visits you can try visiting a lot of interesting places in an unconventional way. You can ask about the tours and places that we indicate below: trails of the Great Wall of China, travel by motorcycle or if you prefer by bicycle, visit the Shijingshan amusement park, visits to the Jingshan and Chaoyang parks.

You must make a mandatory stop to see the spectacular Beijing Opera . This show is characterized by an exciting mix of history and culture where acrobatic performances and martial arts intermingle. You can see this show at the National Center for Performing Arts (Xicheng District) or also at the Beijing Liyuan Theater .

Chinese culture is full of bright colors and a lot of symbolism. There are many festivals and fairs held throughout the year, usually during the spring. One of the best known festivals is the Lantern Festival. For those who not only want to know tourist spots, there are many famous tea houses where you can even witness live performances. On the other hand, remember that the culture of any place is always reflected in the flavor of its cuisine. Like its culture, Beijing’s cuisine is steeped in its history.