Visit Cabo da Roca in Estoril

In Portugal we can find a lot of tourist destinations and places of interest that are fantastic, which gives us a great opportunity to know them since we practically have them next door. Today I would like to tell you about a fascinating place that reminds me a lot of Finisterre, another end of the world but in the neighboring country.

It is the Cabo da Roca , a place that has a spectacular cliff of 140 meters high and that is the westernmost point of this part of Europe. It is in Estoril and it is one of the must-sees if you are in that city or in other nearby cities such as Sintra or Lisbon, although it is really worth visiting from anywhere in the country.

There you can find a spectacular centenary lighthouse that dominates the landscape and that is the third oldest in Portugal, standing since 1772 and that for many years served as a guide for Portuguese sailors who sailed the seas in search of new ones. riches and treasures. In addition, it is inside the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park , so it is an exceptional opportunity to discover the incredible landscapes of the area.

Before, the area was very unpopulated and without buildings, but as it is so successful they have started to put up some things like restaurants or shops, and in fact in one of them you can buy a diploma that certifies that you have been there. It is highly recommended to sit on the terrace of one of the restaurants to enjoy the sunset while you taste the Portuguese cuisine.

Undoubtedly a place full of magic and sensations where it will seem that you can touch the horizon with the tips of your fingers, a place where it seems that dreams come true and where you will contemplate a beauty that you will not be able to see in many places. A place, Cabo da Roca, that you have to visit at least once in your life.