Visit Cabo de Gata

The Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful Spanish coastal areas to spend your holidays. One of the places that has the most magic is Cabo de Gata , on the Almeria coast, and which is part of a spectacular Natural Park in which the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet. A natural enclave with unique landscapes in which several films have been recorded, and its beauty is truly incredible and charming. If you are going to be in the Almería area, it will undoubtedly be worth spending a day in Cabo de Gata.

Among the many places you can visit in Cabo de Gata are Las Negras , Rodalquilar, La Isleta, Taberna del Faro or La Tasquilla. A spectacular beach is El Playazo , a wonderful place, although there are also other very beautiful ones such as Monzú and Genoveses, which are between this cape and San José. These last two beaches have been the scene of multiple films, including the occasional scene from one of the Indiana Jones installments. Other very interesting places are the Rodalquilar Gold Mines or El Cortijo del Fraile, which was the place that inspired Federico García Lorca to write his famous work ‘Blood Wedding’.

As for shopping in Cabo de Gata , in the town of Nijar there are many handicraft shops, many of them specialists in ceramics. There are also some stores that have very curious objects, such as the ‘Aladin’ store, which specializes in Moroccan products and has very interesting things. To eat, fish is one of the best things you can eat, especially sea bass or sea bream. They have special dishes such as milk, brótola or needle. Rice is part of many dishes.