Sanya: a heavenly destination in China

When you talk about sightseeing in China, you always think of its big cities or rural areas to also know all the culture and traditions, as well as the contrast between the country and the city. However, it is a country that offers other alternatives for tourism. And, although it is not linked to environments that seem taken from paradise, in its territory there are some destinations that are dreamy. This is the case of Sanya, which is known as the Hawaii of China.


Sanya is a city in Hainan Province, characterized by its tropical wet and dry climate. This makes it have similarities with Hawaii because, practically, they are in the same latitude. It is a destination that is highly visited not only by the Chinese themselves, but also by international tourism, since it has its own airport.

The attractions

Sanya is also characterized by truly spectacular beaches white sand and crystal clear water, lush mountains and jungle area which is populated by many monkeys. It is an environment in which the figures of Buddha stand out.

In addition to lounging on its beaches and watching the sunsets, Sanya is also an ideal destination for water sports such as swimming, diving, and sailing. Among the best options to enjoy the water are Sanya Bay and Dadonghai Beach .

Likewise, it is an excellent option to be in contact with nature , thanks to that environment of mountains and jungle that makes there an abundant tropical flora .

This destination has other attractions such as its fantastic views, which can be observed from a viewpoint located at the top of the hill and which is reached by the promenade to the east.

And within Sanya it is not all mountain or sea nature. The population has other points of interest such as the Nanshan Temple . This is one of the must-sees because there is a 108-meter monumental statue of the bodhistattva Guan Yin . Of great beauty is the huge tropical garden that surrounds the temple in which more Buddha statues and shrines are located.