The safest destinations abroad against covid-19 to travel this summer

One more summer the covid-19 will be present and can condition people’s desire to travel and the choice of destinations. Although, in reality, no country is free of this coronavirus and possible outbreaks, so far, there are a number of countries that are emerging as safer because they already have a large part of the population vaccinated, they do not register outbreaks, they have a low incidence … Whatever the reason, here are some proposals for those who prefer to leave Spain and travel abroad.


One of the safest destinations in the world is Israel . This country has been one of the most rapidly vaccinated the population, achieving high group immunity. If there are no changes, from the end of this month of May, it will be possible to travel freely, but as long as they are group trips.

Those who arrive at this destination, which will initially have a capacity of 3,000 passengers per day, should not miss places such as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, which were offered during the toughest months of the pandemic and which made this place one of the most visited. In addition, a must-see is Tel Aviv to enjoy its magical mud and its animation, as well as the waters of the Dead Sea with numerous spas on its shores.

Like Israel, the Seychelles Islands are another good alternative because they also have a large part of the population vaccinated. It is now open to vaccinated tourists, as long as two weeks have passed since the last dose of the vaccine. In addition, negative PCR is required.

This destination is truly paradisiacal for its beaches and its many islets scattered throughout the Indian Ocean, being one of the best options to rest and enjoy nature.

Cyprus is another destination that initially offers some security against covid-19. Already in the month of May the country is open to receive visitors from up to 65 countries. In the case of Spain, it can be freely accessed if the person is vaccinated or arrive with a negative PRC test that has been carried out 72 hours before the start of the trip, although it will be necessary to undergo a second test when arriving at the airport.

Cyprus is a destination of great beauty for its waters and its beaches, which are at the foot of perfumed mountain ridges and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, as well as citrus orchards. Of course, there is no shortage of historical ruins and stone villages that maintain their traditions and history.

Thailand is also another destination to choose this summer, although a seven-day quarantine must be carried out that allows leisure tourist activities in specific areas. The area chosen to host tourists first is Phuket, although similar measures are expected to be taken in Krabi, Phang Nga, Ko Samui, Pattaya and Chiang Mai as well.

In this destination, apart from leisure activities, it is possible to enjoy many cultural, historical and natural attractions such as the northern mountains with their wildlife or see the place where exotic tribes such as giraffe women live.

In the list we also have to talk about French Polynesia that accepts vaccinated or immunized tourists. A destination that is among the most spectacularly beautiful in the world for locations like Tahiti.

Finally, there are the Maldives , which is another of the destinations that are considered a true paradise that can be reached now as long as the person is vaccinated or presents a negative PCR that has been carried out during the 96 hours prior to the departure of the trip. . Closer are the Portuguese islands , which are listed as one of the safest destinations in Europe due to the small population and the few cases of contagion, among other factors. Madeira is one of the main centers of attraction, offering numerous possibilities for water sports or in nature, as well as the Azores with its unique natural landscape.