Tips for traveling to Bangkok

Knowing Thailand should be on the list of places to visit for every good traveler, especially the most adventurous and curious. It is a country full of color, flavor, culture and tradition, and it is not surprising that it continues to be, year after year, one of the most sought-after destinations by people around the world. And especially the capital, Bangkok , which attracts thousands of tourists eager to discover all its treasures.

Today it is a cosmopolitan city ​​brimming with life, guaranteeing days (and nights) of pure fun. In addition to monuments and attractions, Bangkok has an intense, authentic and sophisticated nightlife . Do not rule it out if you want to live a special vacation.

Impressive Buddhist temples

It is the most populated city in Thailand and also the most attractive on a tourist level. The incentives to visit it multiply, so you will do well to dedicate a few days to it if you want to capture its true essence. It boils with hustle and bustle both day and night, and is full of exciting corners. From visiting spectacular Buddhist temples to wandering its busy streets. Everything in Bangkok becomes an adventure.

Wat Pho , for example, is the largest temple in Bangkok. It contains numerous images of the Buddha, although the most striking is a reclining Buddha of colossal dimensions, richly decorated. Nearby is the Grand Royal Palace , full of wonders that will leave you speechless. If you want to visit these places, leave your summer clothes at the hotel and go properly dressed, otherwise they may not let you in.

Eat in the street

Traveling to Bangkok is quite an experience. Its streets are full of food stalls. Thais love life outside and usually eat at street level, so you can taste the specialties of Thai cuisine whatever time it is (these stalls are open 24 hours a day). Fried chicken skewers, all kinds of vegetables, and rice are the most common dishes, yes, seasoned with many spices , which gives the food a very characteristic flavor.

There are surprising markets like Patpong or Chatuchak , where you will find a thousand treasures to bring you (beware of excess baggage). When it comes to nightlife , Bangkok becomes abuzz as soon as the sun goes down. There is no shortage of restaurants, theaters, discos and pubs with a very fun atmosphere.