The natural pools of Tat Kuang Si in Laos

Nature gives us places of surprising beauty, capable of moving us to infinity. Incredible places that captivate us without remedy and that make us feel privileged to be able to contemplate them. One of them is Tat Kuang Si , some wonderful waterfalls that form natural pools with crystal clear waters. They are in Laos, specifically near Luang Prabang and, if you decide to travel there to discover them, you will never regret it.

The magic of nature in its purest form. The perfect place to break with routine and disconnect from everyday problems. So, you know, if you are fed up with the usual vacations and need a different destination, bet on Laos and travel willing to know corners that will take your breath away.

Different tourism

infinite pool
Do you need to live a different experience this summer? Consider traveling to Laos, a country that will surprise you from start to finish. And there you can visit Tat Kuang Si , a natural park that is 32 kilometers from Luang Prabang, in northern Laos. Its main attraction are the waterfalls that the water forms when it falls from a considerable height, sliding down different levels until it reaches natural pools where you can take one of the best baths of your life. They are located in a paradise of lush vegetation, somewhat wild, which contributes to increase its beauty.

You just have to keep one thing in mind: if you want to know Tat Kuang Si in all its splendor, get up early and leave early , since there are many tourists who will want, like you, to discover this wonder of nature and, if it is crowded, the magic of the place is distorted a bit. If you can, avoid Sundays because, in addition to tourists, you will find many people from the area who also choose this place to spend a picnic. Despite this, you will have a great day and you will be able to eat in the picnic areas and restaurants that are there for such use. As they are not in the same park, nature remains intact, something that I think has great value. Without a doubt, a surprising place in a country that is also surprising.