Travel to Laos

A country that has been gaining a lot of tourism over the years is Laos , which has a spectacular mountainous coastline that has made it one of the main ecotourism destinations. It has many rivers that cross the country everywhere and a lot of national parks where you can do all kinds of activities, such as kayaking, trekking or caving.

Its capital is Vientiane and its main cities are still a little behind in terms of urban development, so if you think you will find a super modern city I tell you from now that you will not do it since everything continues to preserve its traditional and colonial architecture , something that is also appreciated since it is nice to see cities that have not been invaded by the large blocks of cement.

The truth is that Laos was not always a good tourist destination since until the end of the 80s tourists were not well received, although today all that has changed and you will be treated wonderfully in any corner of the country, especially if you visit the offices of tourism to recommend which areas are the best for what you want to do. Everything suggests that in the future it will be one of the countries with the highest number of visitors per year since there are many places of interest.

In addition to its capital, which is not one of the most developed sites, I recommend you visit Luang Prabang , a spectacular natural beauty that is a World Heritage Site and in which you will live a unique and stimulating experience thanks to its landscapes. There are also very important places like Savannakhet and Pakse, in which you can discover an excellent combination of nature and ancient city that you will be able to see in very few places in the world.