Gatlingurg: a mountain town with lots of charm and fun

The United States is a country that tends to attract many tourists although, in general, there is a tendency to visit the most touristy areas such as New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, among other enclaves. In subsequent visits, other destinations that may be less popular are already chosen, such as Gatlinburg , a small town located in the mountains , which offers multiple possibilities to be in contact with nature, but also to spend a few days very entertained by performing many activities.

The village

This town or small city is located in the state of Tennessee , specifically, in Sevier County. Located at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains , this town is one of the main attractions, being one of the main destinations in this state because it offers tourism with many activities for the whole family .

Among the many options it offers is contact with nature and sports such as skiing for which it has stations. There is also no lack of interactive activities for children, museums, fairs, walking areas and mini golf courses, among others.


The attractions

One of Gatlinburg’s biggest draws is the Great Smoky Mountains . Here is one of the entrances to the National Park of the Great Smoky Mountains , which today is the most visited in the entire United States. Within it, it is possible to carry out many activities such as horseback riding, hiking or cycling. Besides, there are areas for camping.

Those who prefer skiing have a good option in Ober Gatlinburg , which has eight slopes to ski. Once the snow season is over, it offers other attractions such as its amusement park , which has a cable car, slide or water rides. There is even an ice skating area even if it is summer.

The Ripley’s Aquarium is another proposal to contemplate a wide variety of animals, while shopping fans have to go to The Village Shop , which also includes areas to eat or rest.

The visit is completed with the 122-meter tower called the Gatlinburg Space Needle for fantastic views, as well as the Mysterious Manson , which is a whitewashed house with a dungeon, secret passageways and ghosts.