The ten most famous castles in Scotland

Scotland is well known as a land of castles . Some of them are well known because they are in the most touristy areas, but others are not so, despite having a lot of charm and being in surroundings with magnificent landscapes. Here we propose a tour of ten castles that it is advisable to do.

The castles

Edinburgh Castle is one of the best known and most popular, but it has to be on this list because it is also one of the most important. In addition, around it, there are some curiosities such as the fact that it is erected on a steep extinct volcano. Here are the Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny, and Mons Meng.

Another well-known castle is that of Balmoral , which is still the private residence of the royal family, although some areas can be seen when the royals are not around. For example, the tour includes the gardens and grounds, the largest room in the house, and exhibits in the ballroom.

Braemar Castle is in an exceptional setting, as it is surrounded by the Cairngorms National Park. This fortress has crenellated towers, dizzying spiral staircases and a dungeon that can be defined as somewhat suffocating.

The list is completed with the Blair Castle , which stands on the forested hills above the Garry River and was the home of the Dukes and Counts of Ahtoll, as well as the Inveraray Castle , which has a very austere facade, although its interiors are an example of neoclassical elegance of the eighteenth century.

Cawdor Castle is famous for the fairytale look contributed by its 300-year-old romantic gardens, as is Elilean Donan Castle , which is among the most photographed for being in an exceptional setting.

Finally, there are the castles of Dunnottar , which is on a cliff; that of Gladis , which has red sandstone walls, and Stirling Castle , which was the preferred residence of the Stuarts.