The Valley of the Moon in Argentina

The Valley of the Moon is one of the most special and unique natural places that I have seen, and it is also spectacular. It is in Argentina and is a World Heritage Site thanks to its great beauty, being a place where you will enjoy not only the environment but also the incredible silence. The most primitive dinosaurs were found there.

It is a protected area that has almost 300,000 hectares and is in the province of San Juan. Why is it called Valley of the Moon? Well, because we already know that Nature has its things, and here it wanted to form an extraordinary landscape in which sculpted rocks and plains shape a terrain that looks like that of the Moon. A place that will make anyone fall in love, especially lovers of different landscapes.

Study zone

Being a place where the first dinosaurs appeared, it is an area in which paleontologists and geologists have been working for years to be able to study it in depth and learn about all its peculiarities. A humid and fertile desert that still has hundreds of years left to study in depth.


To do

The real name of this place is Ischigualasto , and to be able to enjoy it to the fullest you can do different activities. There are organized excursions that will take you to travel by car for 3 hours and about 40 kilometers, although you can also do other routes both on foot and by bicycle. By walking you will discover much more its beauty, being able to observe condors in some areas.


How to get

Keep in mind that there is no public transport to take you here, but in San Juan and La Rioja you can hire a charter service to go. If you prefer to go in your own vehicle, it is very important that you fill the tank and know which gas stations are closest to you since there are very few and you could run out of fuel.