Dream beaches in Northern Spain for this summer

With COVID-19, many people are considering spending this summer in Spain. And it is not a bad option. The country has many possibilities to enjoy nature, adventure, cultural, beach tourism … And, precisely, we are going to talk about the latter today. Here we make a proposal of three dream beaches in charming places in the North of Spain , which you can keep in mind when choosing the destination for your holidays .


Baiona is a town that is well worth a visit not only for its beaches but also for its interior. In 1993, its historic center was declared of Historic Artistic Interest . Reasons for this are not lacking for constructions such as the Monterreal fortress or the crenellated enclosure of more than three kilometers of wall.

This town, located south of the Rías Baixas , also has around four kilometers of beaches for sunbathing or practicing water sports. And all this is complemented by the rich gastronomy of Galicia.


In Asturias, there is another of the many towns with charming beaches in Spain. It is about Llanes, which has more than 30 beaches along the 56 kilometers of its coastline.

It is a dream location because the sea is close to the Cantabrian mountains , which allows you to combine sun and nature tourism. In addition, its artistic heritage is not lacking either.

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Continuing in the northern area of ​​Spain, it is the turn to talk about another area, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. It is about Comillas , where you can enjoy beaches of fine golden sand .

Added to this attraction is its center, where the Plaza del Corro de Campíos , among other points of interest, is well worth a visit. The Oyambre Natural Park is also a good option , in which, precisely, the Oyambre beach stands out, which is one of the best preserved in Cantabria.

This beach has the main attraction of its dunes and the environment that surrounds it, which has great beauty. A beach destination that opens up to more options such as water sports .