The best beaches in northern Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Its landscapes and environments are very reminiscent of those of the Caribbean, being possible to enjoy them without having to travel so far. In addition, Sardinia offers many possibilities to enjoy through its almost 1,900 kilometers of coastline of this island with very fine sand beaches, crystal clear waters and with small islands. All along the coast of Sardinia there are beaches and coves that are well worth a visit. If the other day we were focusing on the southern area, this time we are going to talk about the best beaches in the north of Sardinia.

The best beaches

The northern part of the island of Sardinia has numerous beaches, including beautiful landscapes. And, although they all deserve a visit at least, we go with the best. One of them is known as Lazzaretto , in Alghero. This beach is one of the most popular, being made up of numerous coves with white sand and emerald green water. Being so popular, it is convenient to travel to it on dates that are not high season.

Another option to enjoy a day of sun and seawater is La Pelosa beach, which is in Stintino. Like the previous one, its main charm is in its crystal clear and turquoise waters.

Shallow but dreamy sea is the main feature of Cala D’Arena , on Asinara Island, where the sand is also very fine. More crystalline water, practically transparent, is found on the beach of Ampurias , in Castelsardo.

The trip through Sardinia also takes us to another of the most touristic points due to its peculiarities. It is the Rosa beach , on Budelli Island. And why is it so peculiar? The key is that it is one of the most colorful and original in the world due to its pink color. Without a doubt, it is worth seeing.

Following the route along the northern coast of Sardinia, we go towards the northeast with the arrival at Cala Portese , on Caprera Island, which for many is one of the most beautiful on the island due to its calm and crystalline waters and for its environment because it is part of some small islands.

The tour of this Caribbean paradise, but in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, leads to visiting other beaches that are equally dreamy. For example, you should not miss Cala Brandinchi , in San Teodoro, which is popularly known as the Haiti of Sardinia for that memory of the Caribbean landscapes.

La Cinta beach , also in San Teodoro, is another attraction in the area. This beach is one of the most suitable for families because the waters are very shallow. Also, the sand is white and the grain is very fine.

And finally, the main route through all the beaches of northern Sardinia comes to an end with Cala Luna , in Baunei, in the Gulf of Orosei. This beach is well worth a visit to see a golden sand dune, which is what separates the turquoise water from a freshwater pond. This beach has many more attractions because it is bordered by various natural caves, forming places of great beauty and attractiveness.

To do

In addition to enjoying the sun, the beach and these dreamy landscapes, the beaches of northern Sardinia are also ideal for doing some water sports activities such as snorkeling or windsurfing , although the latter practice will depend on the specific area.

In addition, in the north of the island, you can visit the Asinara Park , as well as the Maddalena archipelago , which is made up of different islands, some of them small, being a quite characteristic landscape and of great beauty in the that there are many beaches and coves.