The best beaches in southern Sardinia

Sardinia is an ideal destination for the summer . It is an island that is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean for its turquoise waters and environments with which it has nothing to envy to the Caribbean beaches. Although there is a tendency to think that it is small, the truth is that it is not like that, being advisable to choose between visiting the north or the south of the island, especially when there are stays of a maximum of seven days. The two parts of Sardinia have many charms, although this time, we are going to focus on the south to discover its best beaches to enjoy sunny days, good baths and breaks, but also do some sports in its characteristic blue waters.

The best beaches

In general, the beaches of Sardinia could all fall under that name of best beaches. However, there are some that stand out or are the most popular and well-known. Specifically, the beaches that are most often visited are those near Cagliari for its clear waters and fine sand. In addition, they are very quiet areas, despite being quite crowded because they are close to the capital of Sardinia and other points of interest on the island for sightseeing in the event that you do not just want a stay in the sun and beach .

Among these beaches, there is that of Punta Molentis , also known as Villasimius because it is located in this area. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches because its sand is very white. In addition, the sea ​​water is very clear, with different shades of blues and greens being observed.

This beach, which is small, has other attractions such as being surrounded by tall rocks , which even reach 15 meters in height . You can also see remains of nuraghe , which are the prehistoric monuments of the island, and visit the Notteri pond to observe its pink flamingos.

Also among the best beaches in southern Sardinia are La Tuerreda, which is located in a cove between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento. Among its attractions, the fine sand and transparent water stand out , as well as the islet in front of it with the same name and which can be reached by swimming.

It is a beach that allows you to carry out some sports activities such as snorkeling to see the seabed without difficulty, thanks to those crystal clear waters . In fact, it is an ideal destination and one of the best for those who like to practice it.

El Poetto is another of the most interesting beaches that can be found and that allows you to enjoy the sun and the beach during the day through its eight kilometers , but also an interesting nightlife for its clubs and discos.

Its Guideu is another of the best beaches in southern Sardinia. It stands out from the rest for its golden sand and its blue sea , which contrasts with the extensive vegetation of the area, opening a whole range of colors. In addition, to one of its sides, there is an area of ​​dunes, which has great charm, apart from being an ideal area to see flamingos.

Sports beaches

Sardinia is also an ideal destination for practicing water sports on its beaches, which can be combined with days of sun and beach. Previously, we have already commented that Tuerreda beach is one of the best for snorkeling .

But, there are also other options. For example, the Solanas beach , which is a favorite for surfers and lovers of underwater fishing . This beach is also very curious because its white sand has red grains and you can see a lot of vegetation until you reach the sand area.

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