7 apps to find cheap flights

Traveling cheap is a pleasure. It is because spending less allows us to prepare more getaways and that is something that we all like. However, to find bargains you have to look for them conscientiously, and for this there is nothing like clinging to a series of mobile applications that help us in that search. Do you want to know the best ones?


The famous flight metasearch engine has a very complete app that allows you to filter your search as much as possible . In addition, you can also find cheap hotels and rental cars. There is basic information about airports and airlines, a trip manager and even a function that allows you to see what the flights cost to other destinations from your city of origin.


You may not know it, but I must tell you that it is a very useful app that will quickly enter you by sight. You can register, there is no lack of filters, you can set an itinerary with several destinations, they take into account the prices of low cost airlines … Two drawbacks ? That it is not in Spanish and that you cannot be flexible on the dates.


It is one of the most recommended applications to find cheap flights. It is because it even helps you when you don’t know where you want to travel. It is enough to indicate the airport of origin and mark the option "anywhere" to see the cheapest flights of the moment. In addition, it can show you the cheapest ones for a period of time, something really useful if you have flexibility when choosing the day.


I already told you about this application when I published an article with the best travel apps . It is the most downloaded flight app in the world and the truth is that it does not surprise me, since it searches for the cheapest flights and sends us a notification when it finds the flight we want at its lowest price.


It is in line with other applications such as Skyscanner or Kayak. You can search for the cheapest flight for the dates that interest you and it also shows you information about your destination and travel tips. On the other hand, you can also search for cruises, hotel rooms and rental cars at the best price.


It is another of the giants of the sector that works so that you can enjoy tourism at the best price. The application sends you alerts with the best offers of the day in case you want to take advantage of them, but you can also focus your search on specific dates to find the cheapest flight.


This mobile application not only allows you to find competitive prices, but also makes things very easy for you when claiming for a canceled or delayed flight so that the airline can find an alternative flight or refund the money. You can see a map with the prices located next to each destination or airport.

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