How to get cheap flights at the last minute

Do you like to travel but can’t afford it lately? Are you tired of flying at exorbitant prices? Do you want to make a little getaway to escape from daily stress without spending all the savings? The solution lies in getting much cheaper airfare, but how can we get it? Very simple: finding last minute bargains.

To get these bargains, perseverance is necessary above all, dedicating even a little time to it and not forgetting the low cost companies. In addition, at Vuela Viajes we recommend that you follow the following tips.


A good idea to get cheap flights is to create email alerts you will report regularly on what happens on some pages flights. Imagine how exciting an inbox full of last minute offers can be.


let yourself go

These offers are especially suitable for people who travel for pleasure and not out of obligation to visit someone or do anything else. For this reason, we recommend that when searching for any flight on a web page, you only enter your departure airport and leave the arrival airport box empty. In this way, all the available options will appear, which you can sort by price and country.

Low season and secondary airports

To find the best bargains, it is best to travel during low season, since on these dates the airports lower their rates, which has a direct impact on the price of the ticket. In the same way, we recommend that you opt for secondary airports that, although they are not close to the city, are located in the area of influence , always taking into account what you can lose when traveling to the hotel.

Buy on Tuesday

Although it is not a very scientific theory, they say that Tuesday is the best day to find offers on the web, since most companies take their cheap last minute flights for the weekend on Mondays before midnight and Prices due to the bidding taking place, plummet in the afternoon the next day.