Tips for traveling cheap

What we first look at when we start to organize our vacations is undoubtedly our budget, since it is clear that the dream of our lives is to travel our favorite country from beginning to end with all the comforts, but as it cannot be, many times we have We have to settle and postpone the trip of our dreams to get to know other places. If your budget is low, do not think that you are going to run out of vacations, if you ride it well, you can get away with it, so keep these tips to travel cheaply in mind:

– Choose a destination where your currency, I suppose the euro, is of higher value as it will yield more. For example, the euro is much stronger than the dollar and pesos, so traveling to the United States or Mexico will not only have much more to change but you will notice that things are much cheaper. On the contrary, if you travel to the United Kingdom it will be much more expensive since the pound is much higher than the euro.

– Respect the daily budget . If you decide to spend X every day, respect it, although you always have a little extra for a whim or as a "souvenir bag" to buy a gift or souvenir that you want to take with you.

– Travel with few things. Be realistic, wherever you go you don’t need 20 kilos of clothes for 10 days, with two jeans and several t-shirts you have enough.

– Take good care of your documentation while you are away, if you lose your passport you will spend a lot of money on the steps to get a new one from abroad.

– Kick as much as you can and, if necessary, use the cheapest bus or subway , and if you can buy a much better voucher. The taxi is wonderful but it will cost a lot of money.

As you can see there are many things you can do to save money on vacation , also, keep in mind that the really important thing is to enjoy the place where you are going to be, for that you do not need to spend a fortune.