Lost cities: El Dorado

Many travelers decide to go on an adventure and look for the so-called "lost cities". One of these cities is El Dorado, does that sound familiar to you? The pursuit of wealth has always fostered treasure hunters. However, few legends have elicited such a passionate response as that of El Dorado , the famous (and almost definitely imaginary) city of riches that has not been found by explorers for centuries.

The origin of El Dorado dates back to the 16th-17th century, when European explorers in South America first heard tales about an exceptionally rich chief of the American Indians, who was completely surrounded by gold. The city is supposed to have been somewhere in the northern part of South America . The area was said to be completely overflowing with precious stones and gold.
Thousands of explorers have tried in vain to locate this city of riches , and many of them have died in the process including different causes such as different diseases and starvation. One of the most famous cases involves Percy Harrison Fawcett , a British explorer who may have found El Dorado in 1925.

Fawcett and his expedition team went into the jungles of the Amazon, and never heard anything from them. Other explorers decided to go to the area to find him, but they ended up turning up dead or without a trace of anything. Considering this trajectory, even Indiana Jones might not find El Dorado, so find a quieter destination for your vacation instead of getting lost in the jungle.