10 tips for a smart trip

We love to travel . We love it for many reasons and it is not necessary to explain why someone takes the suitcase to disappear from their house for a few days (unless you are a minor, of course). Of course, since you are traveling, it is better to do it intelligently, right?

In this article I am going to share a series of tips with which to enjoy the trip saving money, taking advantage of the time and savoring a degree of comfort that we always tend to look for unless we are backpackers made of titanium. Can you take a pencil and paper?

1- Book in advance

You already know that rushing is not good. They are not during any journey, and not when booking flights, hotel rooms or renting a car. Think that it is always better to do it well in advance, since the prices are usually cheaper .

2- The price of a hotel is not the only important thing

It is true that many times we filter searches by price starting with the cheapest. However, we should pay attention to filters such as ratings or location. With the evaluations we will know if the hotel is as wonderful as it seems and with the location we will be sure not to end up far from where we want to be. The latter is more important than it sounds, as it is sometimes worth paying more for a central hotel room to save time and money on public transport trips.


3- Don’t go overboard with your luggage

Traveling light is much more advisable than traveling with a piece of suitcase that barely fits everything you want to take with you. Discard what is not essential and make sure you comply with the weight limits of the airline you are traveling with. On the other hand, and although it is difficult, if your trip is a route that involves visiting several places, give priority to the fact of taking the right thing.

4- You see well prepared

It is very nice to say that improvisation is fantastic, but the truth is that it is much better to go with things clear, with a good planning of what will be done every day. This is especially relevant when traveling with children. You always have to have a plan B.

5- Use the WiFi whenever you can

Your data is limited and your phone company can charge you a fortune for it. The smartest thing to do is use WiFi, which in most tourist countries is present both in hotels and in bars and restaurants. With the WiFi Finder app, it will not be difficult for you to find open networks wherever you are.


6- Who covers a lot little squeezes

This saying can be used in the world of travel to define what can happen to you if you plan a route in which there are too many cities to see in too few days. If you want to enjoy everything you visit properly, take it easy and discard what is less attractive to you. When traveling for pleasure, there is no rush (or there shouldn’t be).

7- Use coupons and discounts

In the same way that in your city there are coupons and discounts that you can use to visit points of interest or eat in good restaurants, in your destinations there is also the possibility of saving a few coins by looking for the best rates on the Internet. It takes time, but if you want to spend less it is not a bad option.

8- A whim is not a crime

It is true that you have to save, but the trips are also there to indulge in the odd whim. Depending on your budget you can give yourself more or less, but free your mind and allow that imp to win for once that tells you to go eat at that expensive restaurant that you have heard so much about.

luxury restaurant

9- Look for original souvenirs

Skip the "made in China" or souvenirs that are too stale , such as the Mexican hat in Barcelona. Who came up with that brilliant idea? If you want to take home a good memory, buy a local product that, if possible, is an artisan. You will be taking something unique, useful and that truly represents the place you visited. You won’t be ashamed to show it to your friends.

10- The typical is not always the best or the most appropriate

When you go to visit a city you always take the straight path, by not leaving a single point of interest untouched. Is that what will make you happy? Probably not. No matter how famous a museum is, if you don’t like works of art, the best thing you can do is find another plan. And so on with many other things that should define your trip based on your real preferences.

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