Compensation for overbooking

Overbooking is a problem that is often seen in airports, especially in busy times such as summer, December or any other time of the year when people travel en masse. It is difficult to understand why an airline company sells more airline tickets than the seats they have, but as always they have people who cancel it at the last minute or who do not show up because there the problem arises since there are not always cancellations and you You find that you arrive on your flight and you cannot pass. Let’s see what are the compensation for overbooking :

– The Regulation obliges airlines to pay compensation ranging between 250 and 600 euros , depending on the distance of the flight and the waiting time. If the distance is less than 1,500 km they will give you from 75 to 150, up to 3,500 will give you 150 and more than 3,500 will give you up to € 300.

– Compensation can be reduced by half if they offer you an available flight before the next four hours.

– To claim, it is best to do so at the same airport and at the same time the incident occurs.

– Many companies offer improvements in exchange for voluntarily rejecting a flight, that is, if you are in the queue they can ask who would accept a change to a flight in later hours, receiving as compensation to go to First Class or something similar.

– In addition, the company must facilitate the refund of the ticket if you want it or give you an alternative transport that will take you as quickly as possible to your destination. This does not cancel the compensation, they must give it to you the same.

– They should also give you food and drink while you wait, in addition to offering you a place to stay if your new flight leaves the next day.