Essential places in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands that is worth visiting. Here you will find other types of scenarios, perhaps less green and more rugged but, personally, very beautiful and recommended. It is the second largest island in the archipelago and the longest. Today we are going to see some essential places that you cannot miss if you decide to visit it. And there are many more …

Cofete beach

It is a spectacular wild beach , where you can enjoy nature in its purest form and stroll through a virgin place that impresses. It can be accessed with a normal car, although there are sections of the road that are a bit more complicated.

Dunes of Corralejo

They are located in the north of the island, in La Oliva. It is a Natural Park where you can see sands of marine origin that create a landscape of white sand that runs parallel to the coast for about eight kilometers. The beaches in this area have transparent turquoise waters.

La Entallada Lighthouse

This place is one of my favorites on the island. It is a unique building in the archipelago but the best are the views offered by the viewpoint , from where you can see the sea and the Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument. Water and mountains united in the same space where it is certainly worth a stop.



The beaches of Fuerteventura are spectacular. Also its most virgin areas. And also its towns. Betancuria was the old capital of Fuerteventura and is the least populated municipality on the island. It is worth visiting its streets, and it is a town with great artistic and historical interest.

El Jablito

It is an area of ​​houses near the sea with typical fishermen’s houses . It is not touristy but it is an indigenous place where you can see how people live in Fuerteventura. It is possible to practice diving in its waters and above all you can enjoy the walks and tranquility of this place.