The most peaceful countries in the world

Are you one of those who, when you travel, check on the Internet if a certain city or country is dangerous or rather the opposite? We look for destinations that make us feel comfortable when we visit them, and that is why it may be interesting for you to know the 10 most peaceful countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2016, a report prepared by the Institute for the Economy and Peace that reveals data on the violence that occurs in the world. We are going to see where it will be more difficult to run into it and also those where it is very present.

The 10 least violent countries

In this way, the list with the most peaceful countries on the planet would be as follows. The score is obtained on a scale of 1 to 5 in which 1 symbolizes the total absence of conflict and violence .

1. Iceland (1,192)
2. Denmark (1,246)
3. Austria (1,278)
4. New Zealand (1,287)
5. Portugal (1,356)
6. Czech Republic (1,360)
7. Switzerland (1,370)
8. Canada (1,388)
9. Japan (1,395)
10. Slovenia (1,408)

Iceland, the most peaceful country in the world

According to this classification, Iceland becomes the least violent country. It achieves very good scores in practically all the variables that have been studied, except in the arms imports indicator and in the perception of crime and the number of law enforcement officers, although to a lesser extent.


The most violent countries

In the opposite part of the table we find the most violent countries. According to the 2016 report they are as follows.

1. Syria (3,806)
2. South Sudan (3,593)
3. Iraq (3,570)
4. Afghanistan (3,538)
5. Somalia (3,414)
6. Yemen (3,399)
7. Central African Republic (3,354)
8. Ukraine (3,287)
9. Sudan (3,269)
10. Libya (3,200)