How to cancel a Ryanair flight

If you have booked a flight with Ryanair and want to cancel it, you should know that you have no option to achieve what you set out to do. The Irish airline only allows changes to its flights, but does not contemplate any type of cancellation .

They explain it on their website, where they add that it is not necessary to communicate that you will not be able to travel. Does someone do that knowing that they are not getting the money back?

Cancellations no, modifications yes

What you can modify, as long as there are no less than 4 hours until the flight departure time is fulfilled, are the dates, times, routes and the names of the travelers. You can do it through the "Manage Reservation" section of their website if you have not already checked in, because in that case you will have to contact them to undo the billing.

Unless you’re traveling on a booked flight , you won’t see a single euro of the flight’s taxes, charges and fare. Of course, you can ask in writing to be reimbursed for the government fees you have paid before one month has elapsed from the date of the flight. This management, of course, is subject to an administrative charge that in some cases may be higher than government rates, so do numbers before moving tab.


What if they are the ones who cancel it?

What can happen is that a flight is canceled for reasons that have nothing to do with you. In that case, you can request a refund that is processed in seven working days using the payment method selected in the reservation. Another thing is that you want to change the canceled flight for another, something that is free.

What if the flight schedule changes?

If the flight has not been canceled but Ryanair has modified the departure time , you can request a refund of all the amounts paid as long as we are talking about a significant modification. How significant? Leaving more than three hours before or more than three hours after the original time. They always inform about the change of schedule through the email addresses provided during the reservation.