Everest View, the highest hotel above sea level

Everest View
On some occasions, hotels can be the argument and cause of a trip, especially in cases where the accommodation can offer experiences outside of the everyday. An example is Everest View , the hotel located highest above sea level. They are found in the Himalayas, more specifically in the Nepalese Samagartha National Park.

We are talking about 3,880 meters of altitude, something that, of course, not everyone can bear. In fact, it can cause breathing problems. Perhaps that is why its price is quite cheap . We give you all the details about this record hotel below.

Decorated with Buddhist motifs

The Everest View Hotel opened its doors in October 1973 and, as you can imagine, it is made up of Sherpas . In terms of decoration, the fact that its walls are inscribed with Buddhist motifs stands out. On the other hand, it should be noted that the accommodation has a supply of oxygen tanks for those who fight against the anxiety generated by so much altitude.

Everest View1

Awesome visits

The best thing about the hotel are, without a doubt, the views that are obtained from each of its rooms towards the imposing Everest , 8,848 meters high, and the Amadablam peak (6,856 meters), considered by many as one of the natural places most beautiful on earth.

Quite inexpensive

As we have mentioned before, its price is quite economical taking into account its characteristics. You can spend the night there for around 71 euros per night. In addition, the hotel offers you the possibility of hiring a Sherpa to guide you between interesting houses, temples and monuments, as well as doing a bit of trekking . To get to this hotel you can take a plane from Kathmandu to the Syanboche runway. Then you will only have to do a 45-minute walk on flat terrain.