Exclusive clubs in Miami

One of the most important goalkeepers in Miami , Stephane Kay , has shared some secrets of the best clubs in Miami and how to access them. The truth is that Miami is full of exclusive clubs that very few can access. According to Stephane, the 4 basic rules to access these types of sites are:

-Dress impeccably. No ripped jeans or sneakers. You must be very well dressed and that everyone can distinguish your watch . You must wear a good watch.
-Introduce yourself to attractive friends. As you are not accompanied by beautiful people , the entrance will be more difficult.
-Take a lot of money and think that you are going to spend it. A bottle of alcohol is around $ 100 in the cheapest clubs.
-Don’t try to bribe the doorman.

Any walk through Miami will take you to the most exclusive clubs such as the one located at the Gansevoort South Hotel . This club is facing the sea. It’s called Hunda , and it’s the first stop of the night for many beautiful people. That’s in part because the Wilhelmina modeling agency has its offices in the hotel, and the site is full of models and wannabes to be known.

At the Delano Hotel , you will enter through a majestic lobby until you reach the exclusive club where you can have many cocktails. Other classics that you cannot miss are:

-Bella Rose
-The Forge, frequented by Sharon Stone, Jackie Chan and Hulk Hogan.
-The Raleigh
-Casa Tua, only exclusive members can access.