Blue Lagoon, a spa in the heart of the Arctic

Can you imagine bathing outdoors in a spa located in the Arctic ? Well, stop imagining it and head to Iceland , where Blaá Lónid or Blue Lagoon is located, a geothermal spa located in Reykjanes , 50 kilometers from the country’s capital, Reykjavik.

Despite the fact that in these latitudes the temperature is constantly below zero , we can enjoy a pleasant bath thanks to the 40 degrees registered by the waters of this spa, made up of two-thirds of water from the sea .

blue Lagoon
These waters are rich in mud, nutrients and mineral salts that promote total rest, relaxation that serves to end a day like new, both physically and spiritually. The frozen landscape and the fumaroles that come out of the water will end up creating a spectacular atmosphere.

It is situated in a lagoon that features a lake that was artificially created in the 1970s. Starting in the 90s , the idea of ​​creating the hot springs that today serve as a claim for many tourists was carried out. In fact, it has become the biggest attraction in the country , which makes it not exactly a very intimate place.

As if all that were not enough, inside, inside a volcanic cave , we can enjoy massages made with silica mud . Revitalizing the skin or improving some ailments will be some of the benefits that a visit for this unique massage session will bring us. In fact, it is a spa that offers other types of beauty and health treatments. One more excuse to get closer to Iceland .