Family Holidays in Kenya

Fillettes Massaies
It is not one of the most popular destinations on the planet, of course, but little by little it is finding its way into the notebooks of travel agencies and on the websites of the main tour operators.

Kenya is establishing itself as one of the preferred countries to live an unforgettable experience in Africa, a continent full of flora, fauna and cultural wealth.

The Safari Collection

We could think that it is a destination for young adventurers who travel in search of strong emotions. However, its tourist office highlights the facilities they offer when it comes to getting to know the country as a family .

We can do it through its famous safaris, ideal to be in contact with wild animals that we can hardly see in other parts of the planet without going to a zoo. And not only that, but it is also possible to relax and enjoy certain water sports taking advantage of the fact that it has access to the sea.

I would like to talk about The Safari Collection , where you can meet the locals and surround yourself with animals. You can feed a giraffe, go after a rhino or feed a camel. They manage four properties that are worth knowing.

Giraffe Manor

giraffe Manor
Located in Nairobi, it is a property where a species of giraffe called Rothschild is cared for and educated. It functions as a boutique hotel with capacity for 25 people and each of its 10 rooms is named after the giraffes that live there. The most incredible thing of all is that you can have breakfast with them, since they usually stick their heads out the front door and through the windows of the dining room and bedroom. They don’t hurt to give you a good scare and they behave well with you as long as they can put something in their mouths.

Heritage Hotels

Another highly recommended hotel in Kenya. They offer kids clubs for children of all ages and very luxurious rooms. Hospitality is one of their values, something any parent can see at Heritage Hotel’s Intrepid and Voyager. Depending on their age, they can sign up their children for free to the Adventurer Club or the Young Rangers Club to learn the secrets of the nature of the African country through excursions that usually have the collaboration of the local Maasai communities and Samburu.


If you opt for the Mara Intrepids and Samburu Intrepids camps, you should know that there are three family tents with everything you need to have a good night. They have a living room, three individual terraces, separate sleeping areas and facilities where the bathrooms are located. In short, you have the possibility of staying in a privileged environment without having to give up your comforts.

Fun and learning

If you visit Cottar’s 1920’s Camp you will have the opportunity to learn some of the oldest Maasai skills, such as archery, jet shooting or stone throwing. In addition, they will also teach you to make fire, sing and dance. All this together with the possibility of participating in a traditional Masai ceremony. At the end, how could it be otherwise, they give you a diploma , a wooden bow and an arrow as a souvenir of your experience. Parents can cheer on their children from a distance, join classes or take advantage of the fact that they are in good hands for a safari.

Finally, we must talk about the Wild Child program at Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp. It takes place in the Masai Mara and is based on a series of activities that aim for the little ones to learn the Kenyan culture while having fun. Each of them is given a memory book that they must complete during their stay by participating in activities such as fishing, tracking, making bows and arrows, painting or crafts.

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