Five cathedrals to enjoy art and history

Spain is a country rich in art and history. Cathedrals or religious temples are an important historical-artistic heritage that, practically, is found in all the cities of Spain and in many localities throughout the national territory. Visiting all this art is a different way to travel the country and learn more about all its artistic wealth, but also its history because behind each architectural work there is much to tell and learn. Here we make some proposals to visit.

Architectural works

The choice is not easy because Spain is a very rich country, although there are some buildings that stand out from the rest. One of them is the Cathedral of Córdob a, which is popularly known as the “mosque” because it is also the cathedral of the Caliphate City. Inside you can see the Andalusian architecture and all the details of its time as a mosque, apart from containing elements of the Renaissance and Baroque style. A combination that makes it a very beautiful work, but also unique in the world.

It is also important to visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and not only for pilgrimage. This work is relevant because it also fuses various styles such as Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. Detailed and calm view deserves the facade of the Obradoiro, apart from seeing the botafumeiro, which houses up to 40 kilos of coal.

The tour also takes us to Zaragoza to visit the Cathedral-Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar , in a baroque style and with impressive ribbed vaults and the image of the Virgin. There are even the two bombs that fell on the cathedral at the beginning of the Civil War and did not explode. Nearby is the Salvado Cathedral , known as La Seo, which is a great architectural gem.

The Cathedral of Cuenca is another architectural jewel in which the Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Renaissance styles are mixed. Especially striking are its abstract stained glass windows, which are inspired by the Cologne Cathedral.

This route comes to an end with the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca , which has 59 windows and five rose windows. In a Mediterranean Gothic style, it was built almost eight centuries ago on the site that was previously occupied by the mosque.