The mountain of Taurus in Gran Canaria

It is clear that in the Canary Islands you have a paradise of sun and beach to enjoy a relaxing holiday, but there are also many natural and architectural places that are worth visiting instead of spending all your holidays on the beach. On the island of Gran Canaria there is a fantastic place for lovers of hiking and nature: the mountain of Tauro .

The highest peak of this mountain measures 1,215 meters and is the preferred destination for hikers and adventurers who visit this island, which belongs to the province of Las Palmas . A natural environment surrounded by mountains and trees that offers you a spectacular view of the rest of the island and from different points.

It is at the head of the Tauro and Mogán ravines and has several paths through which you can access the path that has been made to ascend to the top. Without a doubt, a fantastic experience that is totally recommended since it is also not very high and you can do it easily. There is a very famous route that starts from the Salto del Perro dam and reaches Las Lapas, a spectacular viewpoint over the Mogán ravine that is very close to the Tauro mountain. It is only 5 kilometers on foot that you do in about an hour and a half.

When you get to this mountain you will see an aboriginal construction that is spectacular thanks to its thick dry stone walls that form 3 bodies and that is towards the north, right on the edge of a very steep slope and that offers you wonderful views of the peaks most important of the island. A highly recommended place to visit if you are in Gran Canaria and even if it is not to climb to the top, from anywhere the views are fantastic.