The best places to dive in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a perfect destination to relax on its paradisiacal beaches and enjoy a unique landscape thanks to its white sand, crystal clear waters and a perfect climate almost all year round. In addition, it is also an ideal place to practice various outdoor activities such as surfing or diving. Whether you are experienced or a novice, in its waters you can find the ideal place to enter a new world or to demonstrate your experience.

Today I would like to tell you about the best places in the Caribbean to dive and that are spread over several of the countries that make up this paradise. There are areas where it is recommended to practice it at night to be able to enjoy the experience much more and be when it is always with an instructor or a guide, never alone. Take note of some of them:

Mexico : In the Riviera Maya you find really spectacular places, and in fact it is becoming one of the most visited places by lovers of this sport since it is said that the experience is unique.
Cayman Islands : Another perfect place thanks to its calm and crystalline waters, also having a very varied fauna that makes diving spectacular since you will see many aquatic species. Around here you can see rays, angelfish, reefs, multicolored sponges or turtles.

Bahamas : It is an archipelago that has 700 islands so the diving possibilities are endless. One of the best experiences is diving feeding the sharks, an activity called "Shark feeding" and which is always done in the company of experts.

Netherlands Antilles : You can also find very interesting places where there are sunken ships, sharks, turtles, coral reefs and countless attractions for you to enjoy diving.

Belize : There are many reefs full of marine life such as turtles, sharks, rays and in some areas manatees that inhabit the coasts and mangroves. Here you can enjoy one of the 3 coral atolls in the Atlantic, which is a true wonder.