Travel to the Caribbean in hurricane season

In recent days, news has not stopped coming out with Hurricane Sandy as the protagonist, one of the most devastating hurricanes in recent years and which has already had more than a hundred fatalities between the Caribbean and the United States. Bearing in mind that the Caribbean is one of the areas with the most hurricanes, it is important that you consider what to do if you plan a trip at that time.

It is clear that a hurricane is not a simple storm that you are used to in your country, especially if you live in Spain since there are no hurricanes here or anything that comes close to it. Hurricanes are dangerous, but you don’t have to stop traveling to the Caribbean because there is a risk of one forming, as long as you keep in mind that you must take a series of measures to be prepared for it.

Hurricane season

The hurricane season coincides with the low season , which is when it will be cheaper to travel to the Caribbean since there will be good weather anyway, except on days when there is a hurricane. It is important that you keep in mind that the fact that it is hurricane season does not mean that there will be them, simply that there is a risk that there will be them. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 to November 30, although there is usually the most activity between August and October.

Survival pack

So, the ideal thing to do if you are going to travel to the Caribbean during hurricanes is to make yourself a survival pack so that you can be safe and prevent something serious from happening to you. It is important that in this pack you have the most important telephone numbers, mainly the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the city where you are going to be. You should also have an extra mobile battery, cash in case the power goes out and the ATMs don’t work, and clothing suitable for hurricane areas, such as boots or raincoats.

The issue of food is also important and you have to be proactive, although you don’t need to buy too much unless there is an alert that indicates that a hurricane will arrive shortly. When choosing your trip in hurricane season, choose an area that is low risk since although the entire Caribbean is at risk, there are areas that are much less hit than others. Finally, the ideal is that your flight is flexible so that, in case of high risk, you can return home as soon as possible or delay the trip in case you have to travel on the day of the hurricane. Travel insurance is also very important to take out.